Plano Comedy Festival Goes VIRTUAL

These are weird times. We've seen a number of comedy festivals all around the country postpone their weekends. Due to the ongoing pandemic, bars across the country are closed, restaurants are at reduced capacity or only doing curbside pickup and responsible Americans are staying inside, only leaving home for essential activities and wearing a mask to limit the spread of germs.

We, as the board that puts on Plano Comedy Festival, appreciate the sacrifice you and your loved ones make every day to fight this ongoing national medical emergency. And it breaks our heart to think of y'all going this year without us dispensing some comedy your way to help y'all make it through!


We hereby would like to announce Plano Virtual Comedy Festival 2.5! A weekend of comedy events you can attend right from the comfort of your laptop, desktop or mobile phone! Featuring some of the best comedians in the country, we're bringing all the fun of Plano Comedy Festival straight to you without you having to leave your home!

From October 1st to October 4th, Plano Virtual Comedy Festival 2.5! We're opening our submissions the month of July, sales will open at the start of August! Do not miss this event!


In This Economy?

Yes! Comedy does not have an off-season and stand-up comedians do not take breaks! We haven't seen comedy slow down, we've seen it adapt and mold in 2020! We've seen comedy open mics on Zoom, we've seen showcases on Facebook Live and Twitch. And most importantly, we've laughed along! Zoom is just another room to work out jokes in, and we've even seen some comedians adapt with the Zoom format to continue to explore the boundaries of what comedy can be.

Plano Virtual Comedy Festival 2.5 plans to bring the funny to you and we aim to put on the funniest weekend we can, in the physical world and digitally!

We understand the unemployment rate is higher than it has been in decades. And with comics already having tight pockets, it might be tough to find the ten bucks to scratch together for a submission.

If you're a comic in need, please reach out on our "Comics In Need" page or click here and fill out our form along with your submission. We're very excited to put this festival on and we don't want anyone excluded due to financial hardship.

Plano Comedy Festival is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with support from the Plano independent comedy, improv and podcast communities.