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Plano Comedy Festival is a concentrated effort by a team of Plano's best comedy producers to combine their efforts and produce the best weekend of comedy the city of Plano can offer. Our patrons have the opportunity to catch both up-and-coming local stand-ups and critically-acclaimed headlining acts. And our performers, both locally and nationally based, have the opportunity to network and connect with other comedians, both based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and from all over the United States.


The end result? More high-caliber comedy shows here in the city of Plano for our own residents. And more chances for members of our comedy community to represent Plano, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the great state of Texas across the rest of the country.

our mission

To enrich the City of Plano with the comedic arts

our objecTives

  • Contribute to Plano’s artistic development

  • Organize an annual comedy festival, weekly open mics, and monthly shows throughout the city of Plano

  • Create an environment for comedians to showcase their talent, grow, network, and make great comedy together

  • Stimulate Plano tourism and economy

  • Bring audiences the best talent

  • Build relationships with Plano venues and businesses

  • Encourage new participation in comedy

  • Demonstrate that Plano is funny

Our HisTOry

The first Plano Comedy Festival occurred in June 2018. The goal was to bring awareness to the rapidly growing comedy scene local to the Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World, Plano, TX. Every year of the festival, we've seen incredible growth in our audiences, and we hope to keep that going this year.


Since the inaugural Plano Comedy Festival, the city of Plano has seen more shows, more open mics, more local comedy producers, and an increasing number of nationally touring headliners stopping into the city of Plano. Plano is now a greater presence within the national comedy scene than ever before. And our efforts have only just begun.

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