Official 2022 Festival Line-Up

We have over 100 comics performing on the 4th annual Plano Comedy Festival and our talent line-up is bigger and better than ever!


Jackie Kashian has been doing standup for over 35 years. Last heard on NPR and seen on HBO's 2DopeQueens, her albums have been #1 on Amazon, iTunes and have over 10 million listens on Spotify and Pandora. She has two podcasts; The Dork Forest (since 2006) where she talks with people about what they love to do, think about and collect. She also has a podcast with Laurie Kilmartin where they talk about the thing they both love to do and think about… standup comedy. It is called The Jackie and Laurie Show.

Mike E. Winfield's comedy is refreshing & relatable in a way that makes him a comedic genius. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Mike E. moved to California to pursue comedy & to escape the rough streets of Baltimore, remembering how he found a gun under his Mom’s pillow as a child, & thought, “I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY TEETH TO FALL OUT.”

The comedy scene felt natural to him & he embraced it raking up credits such as The Late Show with David Letterman, a reoccurring role on NBC’s The Office, Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo on Netflix, an Emmy Nomination, & multiple movies in post production, one with the rapper DMX called PIMP. Somehow in the midst of rising to the top, he had to grow up quickly because he fell in love & married an older woman with a child.


Born in New Jersey, raised in Atlanta, and, in 2012, winner of Houston's Funniest Person, Matthew Broussard is not exactly sure where he's from. Matthew earned a degree in Applied Mathematics and a job as a financial analyst before moving to West Hollywood to pursue stand-up comedy full time. His brand of playful, witty humor covers topics from physics & grammar to the hardships of looking like an 80s movie villain. Aside from his popular webcomic,, he can be seen on The League, The Mindy Project, Conan, Roast Battle, and has his own Half Hour Special on Comedy Central. But his Cajun father and Jewish mother still really want him to take the GMAT.

Dean Lewis has appeared on Last Comic Standing “Season 5”, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and he is the winner of the Wendy’s Clean Comedy Challenge. In 2007, Dean won an Emmy for Writing on the comedy show DFW 10. His career began in 1989 at the Dallas Improv. He has sold material to Jay Leno, and has appeared with Julio Iglesias, The Doobie Brothers, Joan Jett and Willie Nelson.

Dean Lewis is constantly performing at corporate events and headlining comedy clubs across the country, including Los Angeles and Las Vegas. According to the Dallas Morning News, Dean Lewis “…has a refreshing point of view that is always a crowd pleaser.”


Angelia Walker has opened up for top comedians such as Kat Williams, John Levitt, Charlie Murphy, Robert Powell and many others. She has hosted and headlined at prestigious comedy clubs all over the country including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, Arkansas and the Bahamas!

As a mother of 3 and one of 15 siblings, Angelia credits a lot of her material to experiences that she has had with her mother, children and siblings. For Angelia, every moment on stage is a great moment! Watch her ”No Fear” attitude and witness her push past the limits that have been set. In 2019, she took 3rd place in the Funniest Comic in Texas contest.

Justin Foster is a native Texas comedian now living in Los Angeles. Justin quickly charms the audience with his weird, slightly off, yet likable personality that allows him to delve into personal stories of sobriety, his fear of flying, and drug dealer Dad. Strange, hilarious, and often unpredictable, Justin travels the country performing at theaters in Seattle, bar basements in North Dakota, and every place in between. Justin has been featured on the Joe Rogan Podcast, SIRIUS/XM, the Burbank Comedy Festival, the Cape Fear Comedy Festival in North Carolina, San Diego Comedy Festival, "Fresh Faces" at the Laugh Factory, and has been voted one of the Top Funniest Comics in Texas by the Improv multiple times. His debut comedy album, 'DANGERLESS', released worldwide 3/2/18 and debuted at Number one on iTunes.

The Comedy Arena home of ComedySportz (1

The Comedy Arena home of ComedySportz of McKinney, TX is in the business of comedy. Especially improv comedy, where it’s all made up on the spot. The Comedy Arena prides itself on producing all types of comedy styles, from sketch, to stand up, but especially improv (short-form, long-form, city style, and even competitive style which has been a specialty for years). 


The Comedy Arena doesn’t just put on shows, but it’s a venue that teaches students how to become comedic performers and take the stage whether for performance purposes, or just in life.

Joy Lane
Wes Corwin
Austen Silver
Barry Whitewater
BK Sharad
Casey McNeal
Raymond Cabrera
Hector G
David G Scott
Sara Cline
Casey Rocket
Symply Courtney
Rafael Sanguily
Dan Danzy
John McClellan
Ashley Gutermuth
Lucas Larson
Matt Storrs
Aurea Young
Eric Moore
Irma Ruiz
Bill Lake
Dewayne White
Erick Hellwig
Britainy Goss
Jack Freeman
Gina DiMaggio
Julie Weidmann
Al Coseglia
Lacy Lansford
John Wynn
Jonathan Pace
Kyle Chrise
O'mar Finley
Andy Davis
Reggie French
Trevor Gertonson
Brock Savage
Charlie Vergos
Charlotte Parker
Melissa McGillicuddy
Dan Bublitz Jr
Hannah Vaughan
Dan Paswell
Caryn Carson
Jon Carden
Pam McGeary
Vickie Plummer
Anna Barden
Katy Alley
Andrew Cornelius
Miles Francis
David Parsons
Blake Crews
Sylvia Mc Bateman
Andy Franklin
Robin Haynie
Marissa Nieto
Caleb D. Gordon
David Griffin
Magen King
Phillip Garcia
Mandy Kay
Paulos Feerow
Roderick McDaniel
Hannah Howard
Brad Ruekberg
Shawna Blake
Cheyenne Rose Martin
Nic Hawk
Nicole Yates
Kim Cook
Liz Splatt
Angela Kay
Stephanie O.
David Diaz
Holly Ballantine
Erik Escobar
Jessica Miranda
Lia Bai
The Bear Dude
Vinayak Pal
Saffron Herndon
Rowan Young
Steve Herndon
Chris Beasley
Ms. Mary
Dani Bee
Tom Smith
Rocky Dhir
Lani Cuomo
Kirstie Hayden
Kat McCoy
Jenn Griffin
Robert Moore
Derrick Cakley
Kat Schindler
Jon Mann
David Sipos
Janet Fortune
Dan Crescimanno
Em Haverty
Grant Alexander
Kill Me Please
Tootie TwoTimes
Amber Joy Layne
TJ Evans
JJ Jones
Arnie Diaz
Josh Irick
Adam Smith
Audrey Nath
Don't Broken, Not Fixin'!
Josh di Donato
Dillon Rouse
Ed Smyth
Maggi Mayfield
The Mad Bus Driver
Take One
The Comm​üne
Tim Fancher
Folding Chairs
Sondheimlich Maneuver
Whatever You Want
with Jairo Flores
Mike Peterson