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A Message From the Board of Plano Comedy Festival

Comedy Fans from Plano and Beyond,


We know you’re ready to get back to normal and get back to laughing. We’ve had so many messages, emails and web chats asking about ticketing links.


Which is what makes this next part all the harder to send. This year, we’ve decided to postpone the Plano Comedy Festival until October 13-16, 2022.

As a festival board, we watched the numbers spike and weighed every conceivable option going into October. We considered vaccination card checks, COVID tests, temperature checks, asking attendees to mask up, pulling out the seating and replacing it with individual tables, and roping off theatre seat sections to keep biomes separate.


Here’s the key fact on how we made the decision to postpone the festival. In October 2020, we opted to produce a virtual festival based on how high the daily COVID cases were in the state of Texas. This month, the daily COVID cases are four times what they were when we did the virtual festival. And we’re extremely concerned with the rate of infection growth (7x Collin County, 5x in Texas) in the last 30 days. In 2 months, we cannot imagine what those numbers would look like. We are almost out of ICU beds in DFW and some of our area counties are flying critically ill patients to other states because there's not enough room. 


Even in the face of this data, this was not an easy decision to make. Every member of the board loves putting on the Plano Comedy Festival, and we’ve invested hundreds of hours in planning for 2021. We’ve spent many board meetings this year excitedly buzzing about how great this fest was shaping up to be. Our most recent meeting was a lot less buzzy, but we had all come to face the same fact: If even one person ended up hospitalized (or worse) because they chose to support the Plano Comedy Festival, that’s one person too many for us.


We hope you understand our decision and we are excited to see you all and hear your laughter next October.

Thank you,


Tom, Britainy and Wes

Plano Comedy Festival

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